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Advanced Business Analyst (BA) has a major role in filling the gap between IT and Business with the advanced data analysis techniques, necessary requirements for the growth of the company and giving the best solutions for the business executive and stakeholders. Business Analyst is one of the most important roles in IT industries to perceive the future for many businesses to stay in this competitive global IT market. Business Analyst gives better business ideas and capabilities, creates valuable changes and boosts the business processes.

Hachion Advanced Business Analyst online course curated by professional experts. The main aim of the course is to provide the best professional knowledge in business analyst skills. The course is well designed with the best methodologies and in-depth explanations. Entry-level, mid-level BA aspirants can excel with these Advanced Business Analyst concepts to have a strong career in Business, Banking, Healthcare, Finance, and IT domains. BA course is providing you the best business analysis tools and methods in an easy learning way.

Course Fee : 300 USD

Advanced Business Analyst Learners from Hachion:
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Free Srinivas Dec 23 2021 Live Demo Thursday 10:30 PM EDT 1 hour one time
Enroll 300 Srinivas Jan 5 2022 Live Class Wednesday 10:00 PM EDT 1 month Daily 1 Hour
Enroll 300 Srinivas May 16 2022 Live Class Monday 09:30 PM EDT 1 month daily 1 hour

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USD 300

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  • Live interactive online training
  • Daily Assignments and Lab exercises
  • Resume and certification guidance
  • Mock interview and live project assistance
  • Resume marketing and job assistance
Mentoring mode training
  • Live interactive online training
  • Daily Assignments and Lab exercises
  • Resume and certification guidance
  • Mock interview and live project assistance
  • Resume marketing and job assistance
Live online training and internship
  • Live interactive online training
  • Daily Assignments and Lab exercises
  • Resume and certification guidance
  • Mock interview and live project assistance
  • Resume marketing and job assistance

Course Content

  • Introduction to IT Business Dynamics
  • Introduction to Management Dynamics
  • Overview of SDLC - Software Development process
  • Why Business Analyst is critical for a Project?
  • Introduction to types of Requirements
  • Typical questions to be asked for the business team while gathering requirements
  • Change management
  • Feasibility Analysis/ Risk Analysis
  • Configuration management
  • Processes to be followed to gather requirements
  • Roles and Responsibilities of BA
  • Skills required to perform BA role
  • Deliverables of a BA
  • What is the Requirement Engineering?
  • Different Requirement Engineering tasks
  • Problems with Requirement practices
  • Requirement management in real working projects - disciplines
  • Enterprise & gap analysis techniques - RCA, SWOT, FISHBONE, McKinsey 7S Framework, Nadler Tushman Model
  • Requirement document template
  • Why Prioritize Requirements?
  • Factors to consider while Prioritizing Requirements
  • Participants of Requirement Prioritization
  • The process to follow while Prioritizing Requirements
  • Requirement Prioritization model
  • What is a Software project?
  • Models of SDLC
  • Waterfall model
  • Agile model
  • Scrum
  • RAD
  • Spiral
  • Prototype model
  • How as a BA get involved in different phases of SDLC?
  • Overview of Documentation
  • Overview of BRD Document - post mortem, workshop and assignment
  • Overview of FS Document - post mortem, workshop and assignment
  • Overview of SRS Document - post mortem, workshop and assignment
  • Overview of Business Rules Document - post mortem, workshop and assignment
  • Overview of Data Mapping Document - post mortem, workshop and assignment
  • Overview of Use Case - post mortem, workshop and assignment
  • Overview of RM Tools - Jira, HP Quality Center, Trace Cloud
  • Tools Vs. SDLC models
  • Working with RM Tools - Requirement creation & Management
  • Requirement mapping & Traceability creation, review
  • What are System Quality Attributes?
  • What are the various SQA?
  • Non-functional requirements
  • What are the non-functional requirements?
  • What is the significance of non-functional requirements?
  • How the non-functional requirements are gathered?
  • Non-functional requirements document template?
  • UML diagrams (class, state, interaction, etc.)
  • What is a Flowchart diagram?
  • Different symbols used in a Flowchart diagram
  • How the Flowchart diagram is used in a software project?
  • How Flowchart diagrams can be drawn using Microsoft Visio?
  • Real-life example of a Flowchart diagram
  • What is UML?
  • The significance of UML diagrams
  • UML diagrams (activity, use case)
  • What is Wireframe?
  • Why is Wireframe used?
  • How a Wireframe can be drawn using Microsoft Visio?
  • An example Wireframe
  • What are the various Software Development Methodologies?
  • Pros and cons of each of the Methodologies
  • How as a BA we get involved in the different Methodologies?
  • Which are the most popular Methodologies?
  • A detailed discussion of agile Methodology
  • In-depth concepts of software Testing
  • Different types of Testing
  • Difference between manual and automation Testing
  • Various levels of software Testing
  • Testing artifacts
  • Step by step process of software Testing
  • Test case document
  • A real-life example of a Test case document
  • Role of a BA during Testing
  • What is Data Modeling?
  • What are the entity and attributes?
  • What are the relationships?
  • What is ERD?
  • Basic concepts of Database management systems
  • SQL Server 2012 important concepts for BA
  • BASEL, 2
  • HL7
  • Description About Domain:

Loan origination (Mention all the list of vendors e.g. Mysis, LIS, FIS - Fidelity Information Services, Fiserv, Credit Check - Freddie Mac Risk Indicator Modules, FICA, Experian, Mention the workflow process of the enterprise applications,etc.).

Financial Services - use case of fixed income, face values, issue dates, how the calculation works, NPV, IRR –


  • Application Platform
  • OLB Platform - Account Summary, eBanking, Enrollment, Activation
  • Money Movement - Bill Pay, P2P, Transfers, Payments
  • Vendors - Misys, Corellian Voyager, Fiserv
  • Core Banking - use default
  • Mobile banking - MEAP
  • Vendors: Fiserv Mobility (US Bank), Kony (Capital One), ClairMail (M&TBank), SAP Sybase
  • Health Care - ICD 10, ICD 11, PPO, PMO, HIPPA
  • EDI - 270, 271 Transactions

Projects Walkthrough on below Domains

  • Life Insurance - lab, underwriting, actuary, agents, customer - T&C - policy
  • Introduction to Healthcare
  • Industry standards
  • Transactions
  • HIPAA and non-HIPAA EDI standards
  • Terminologies
  • Transactions in details
  • 270-271, 276-277, 837, 835, 278, 275 transaction in details
  • Crosswalks and clearinghouse concepts
  • Trading partner concepts in Health care
  • Communication through web service, XML
  • Assignment for building transactions using standards
  • Claims processing in details with steps and exercise
  • Claims processing systems and use cases
  • Crosswalks and Government business like CMS Medicare and FEP
  • Clinical and Care management
  • Health Insurance
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • HealthCare
  • FMCG
  • Certification Guidance and support on IIBA syllabus
  • Hundreds of IIBA questions & answers
  • Common BA questions asked in an interview
  • How to answer the interview questions
  • Mock Interview
  • Blog Support

Advanced Business Analyst Training FAQs

Business analyst aspirants must possess core critical skills to be successful in this domain. The five main core skills of business analysts: Communication skills, Problem-Solving skills, Analytical skills, Decision-making skills, Technical skills.
This advanced business analyst online course curriculum is aligned to present industry requirements and the tools, techniques used in this course training are up to the market-leading advanced one.
According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for a Business Analyst is $76,109 in the United States
There are many benefits of learning BA online course such as huge demand for BA professionals, wide opportunities with great pay, easy switch from other careers, dynamic and flexible job position, challenging role, and continuous scope of professional growth.
A bachelor’s degree in business or related field or MBA Exceptional analytical and conceptual thinking skills. The ability to influence stakeholders and work closely with them to determine acceptable solutions. Advanced technical skills. Excellent documentation skills.
This Business Analyst online training certification qualifies you to become a managerial positions, data analyst, business intelligence analyst, operations research analyst with good pay across the world.
This Business Analyst online training certification makes you gain in-depth knowledge, exposure to business processes and sharpens your experience in analytical skills, decision-making, technical skills, and problem-solving skills which you had learned in this BA online course.
Not much into advanced techniques but need basic foundations on MS-Excel, marketing, and fundamental data mining concepts.
We provide 100% job assistance to the Hachion students, once they complete the course. We also provide resume writing, mock interviews and resume marketing services as part of our job assistance program.
We provide three modes of online training at Hachion as follows Self-paced training: In this mode of training, we provide recorded videos of the course classes. You can learn at your own pace. One time enroll enables lifetime access to video classes. Mentor-based: In this mode of training, we provide recorded videos of the course classes. If you have any queries regarding course concepts, a mentor will support to clear your doubts. Instructor-led LIVE online class: In this mode of training, our trainer conducts live online classes at your scheduled time. This mode enables interactive sessions where you can discuss course-related queries.

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