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Course Description

Android is a mobile OS maintained by Google using  C++, Kotlin and Java programming language to develop apps on the Android platform. The android studio is the best IDE for android development which includes Android SDK, NDK, tools, and emulators.

Demand for developing apps constantly evolving, so get started with our online training program to learn all core concepts of android app development from scratch to become an android developer. Prior knowledge of any programming language will be beneficial to take the tutorial. 

Android app development online training includes all concepts like architecture, user interfaces, activities, controls, layouts, services, content providers, and multimedia APIs and testing and deploying. As a part of this course, you will know how to create widgets, customize list view, grid view, spinners using audio, video and SQLite database and finally publish it on google play store. Practical hands-on experience will be gained by exercising assignments and project work which are included within the course. Our training methodologies will enhance your skills to become a competent android app developer.

Course Fee : 290.1 USD

Andriod App Development Learners from Hachion: 85
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Live online training

USD 290.1

Training Fee: USD 362.7 20% Discount

  • Live interactive online training
  • Daily Assignments and Lab exercises
  • Resume and certification guidance
  • Mock interview and live project assistance
  • Resume marketing and job assistance
Mentoring mode training
  • Live interactive online training
  • Daily Assignments and Lab exercises
  • Resume and certification guidance
  • Mock interview and live project assistance
  • Resume marketing and job assistance
Live online training and internship
  • Live interactive online training
  • Daily Assignments and Lab exercises
  • Resume and certification guidance
  • Mock interview and live project assistance
  • Resume marketing and job assistance

Course Content

  • Establishing the development environment

  • Analyzing components of the architecture

  • Building mobile applications
    • Creating activities to process user input
    • Implementing views to build the User Interface (UI)
    • Packaging applications for deployment
    • Developing unit tests
  • Supporting asynchronous behavior 
    •  Performing background tasks with services
    •  Communicating with intents   
  • Selecting visual components
    •  Building the layout

    •  Connecting a view to an activity

    • Positioning form elements

  • Working with resource declarations
    • Declaring component definitions and layouts

    • Handling multiple screen resolutions

    • Localizing applications

  • Communicating with the user
    • Creating and displaying Toast

    • Generating status bar notifications

    • Logging key application events

  • Interacting with the UI
    • Responding to user input events

    • Launching activities with intents

    • Writing Java event handlers

    • Generating context and option menus

  • Managing the activity lifecycle
    • Integrating with the Android system

    • Persisting data in response to notifications

  • Selecting storage options
    • Contrasting internal and external storage locations

    • Saving application configuration with SharedPreferences

  • Manipulating the SQLite database
    • Executing queries to locate information

    • Specifying column selections with projections

  • Consuming and creating content providers
    • Accessing shared data resources

    • Addressing content providers with URIs

  • Avoiding Application Not Responding (ANR) errors
    • Unloading the UI thread

    • Designing for asynchronous execution

  • Building background services
    • Launching IntentServices

    • Declaring services in the manifest

  • Interacting with server-side applications
    • Synchronizing Android devices with servers

    • Communicating via HTTP clients

  • Developing clients for web services
    • Connecting to RESTful services

    • Creating and parsing JSON

  • incorporating the Action Bar
    • Manipulating objects with drag and drop

    • Supporting orientation and multiple screen resolutions with resources

    • Combining fragments into a multi-pane UI

  • Leveraging geolocation and mapping capabilities
    • Plotting positions on Google Maps

    • Establishing location through GPS, Cell-ID, and WiFi

  • Publishing the App in PlayStore
    • Setting up the App Icon

    • Preparing for Publishing

    • Publishing the App in the Android market

    • Providing information for the Play Store

Andriod App Development Training FAQs


Hachion's Android App Development training program covers from basic to advanced concepts in App Development. Our course curriculum is designed by industry experts in IT Industry. We provide 100% job assistance with certification guidance. 

We provide 100% job assistance to the Hachion students, once they complete the course. We also provide resume writing, mock interviews, and resume marketing services as part of our job assistance program. 

We offer three modes of training in Android App Development online training program:

  • Self Placed
  • Mentorship
  • Instructor-Led
Although there are no Pre Requisites To Learn This Course. A Little Knowledge About Java, Can Stand you Out in Crowd

Maybe you have many ideas but don't know where to start! You can create an app and upload it to the Google Play store by learning this course. You can earn money by making your own app with simple coding to reach many android users. Hence, developers and interested learners who aim to build their own Android app can join Hachion Android App Development online course. By the end, this course helps you to become an Andriod App Developer.

Many Android app developer jobs will be available once you finish the Android App Development online course with a certificate. As of now, there are 6821 Android Developer jobs available on

According to, the average salary of an Android Developer in US is $119,520 per year.

  • Beginners who want to become Android Developers
  • Developers who are looking to get into the mobile app development 
  • Anyone who aspires to  create own android Apps

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