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Automation Anywhere tool develops robotic process automation software using software bots to finish processes. It is smart automation technology mainly focus to automate complex tasks without human involvement. Automation Anywhere blends traditional RPA with insight elements such as processing natural language and reading unstructured data. Its web-based management system automates tasks with help of control room and bots like bot creator, bot runner, IQ bot, Meta bot, and task bot with machine learning capabilities. 

Automation Anywhere is used in many areas such as finance, accounts, HR, marketing, government, sales, healthcare, IT operations and manufacturing industries. The scope of automation anywhere is huge due to its key feature as it works on “high transaction speed with less time with low cost”.

Any enterprise can use Automation Anywhere RPA tool to increase its efficiency with less human effort. Our Automation Anywhere online training will be delivered by industry experts from end to end. Freshers who choose a career in the automation path can easily as no programming knowledge is required to learn these concepts.

Course Fee : 320 USD

Automation Anywhere Learners from Hachion: 70
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Live online training

USD 320

Training Fee: USD 400 20% Discount

  • Live interactive online training
  • Daily Assignments and Lab exercises
  • Resume and certification guidance
  • Mock interview and live project assistance
  • Resume marketing and job assistance
Mentoring mode training
  • Live interactive online training
  • Daily Assignments and Lab exercises
  • Resume and certification guidance
  • Mock interview and live project assistance
  • Resume marketing and job assistance
Live online training and internship
  • Live interactive online training
  • Daily Assignments and Lab exercises
  • Resume and certification guidance
  • Mock interview and live project assistance
  • Resume marketing and job assistance

Course Content

  • Control Room overview

  • Control Room interface

  • Log on to Control Room

  • Log on to Bot Insights

  • Configure Control Room for the first time

  • Configuring Control Room for the first time - Custom

  • Configuring Control Room for the first time - Express

  • Configure Control Room for Single Sign-On

  • Search and filter data

  • Scheduled activity page

  • Change your password

  • Edit and update your profile

  • Settings - an overview

  • Client application

  • Configuration settings

  • Email - settings

  • Bots – Configure Version Control

  • Users - An Overview

  • Create a non-active directory user

  • Edit non-Active Directory user details

  • Create an Active Directory user

  • Edit Active Directory user details

  • Add a user from idPuser for Single Sign-On

  • View user details

  • Edit idPuser details

  • Delete a user

  • Roles - An Overview

  • Create a role

  • View a role

  • Edit a role

  • Copy a role

  • Delete a role

  • Licenses -an overview

  • Trial license

  • Install a license

  • Migration - an overview

  • Migration wizard

  • Credentials - Overview

  • Create a credential

  • View a credential

  • Edit a credential

  • Delete a credential

  • Create a locker

  • View a locker

  • Edit a locker

  • Delete a locker

  • Credential requests

  • Credential Vault e-mail notifications

  • My Bots - overview

  • Files and folder(s)

  • Create and Edit Folders

  • View bot details

  • View folder details

  • Folders area

  • Run a bot

  • Delete bot(s) and folder(s)

  • Force unlock Bots

  • Bot Life cycle Management (BLM) – an overview

  • Export bots

  • Import bots

  • In progress activity page

  • View in progress activity details

  • Historical activity page

  • View details of selected activity from history

  • Schedule a bot

  • View scheduled bot details

  • Edit scheduled activity

  • Delete a schedule

  • Activate or deactivate a scheduled activity

  • My Devices

  • My device pools

  • Create and delete device pools

  • View device pool

  • Edit device pool

  • Work load - Queues

  • Create queues

  • Edit queues

  • View queue details

  • View automation of a queue

  • Manage Work Items

  • Run bot with queue

  • Workload - SLA calculator

  • View audit details

  • Audit logs forum bot deployment and bot runner session

  • Dashboards - home

  • Dashboards - Bots

  • Dashboards - Devices page

  • Dashboards - Audit page

  • Dashboards - Workload page

  • Dashboards - Insights page

  • Dashboards - Common Tasks

  • Understanding the Features and Benefits of Automation Anywhere

  • Automation Anywhere System Requirements

  • Connecting to Automation Anywhere Control Room

  • Working with Tasks

  • Task Properties

  • Special Keys

  • Best Practices for Recording and Running Tasks

  • Recording an Automation Task

  • Using the Web Recorder

  • Using the Screen/ Standard Recorder

  • Recording Tasks using the Smart Recorder

  • Creating a Task using the Workbench

  • Using the Secure Recording Mode

  • Using the Task List

  • Editing a Task

  • Editing a Web-only Task with Web Recorder Commands

  • Editing Multiple Commands (Bulk Edit)

  • Changing Window Titles

  • Copying or Renaming a Task

  • Running a Task

  • Stopping a Task

  • Deleting a Task Bot

  • Locating a Task on Your Computer

  • Sending a Task

  • Setting Task Properties

  • Viewing and Setting General Properties

  • Timeout

  • Repeating a Task

  • Adjusting the Speed of a Task

  • Sending Email Notifications for a Task

  • Setting up Hotkeys for a Task

  • Setting Security Features for a Task

  • Viewing System Logs

  • Scheduling Tasks to Run

  • Scheduling Tasks Using the Scheduler

  • Using the Schedule Manager

  • Scheduling Tasks in Bot Creator or Bot Runner

  • Scheduling Tasks Using Triggers

  • Using Caps Lock in Your Tasks

  • Debugging Task Bot / Meta Bot Logic

  • Calling Tasks from Programs or Scripts

  • Uploading – Pending Changes or Files

  • Uploading or Downloading Task Bots, Workflows and Dependencies

  • Viewing Version History

  • Using the Workbench

  • Using the Actions List

  • Using Filters in the Workbench

  • Manage Bot Dependencies

  • Active Directory Command

  • App Integration Command

  • Citrix Automation

  • Clipboard Command

  • Comment Command

  • Database Command

  • Delay/ Wait Commands

  • Email Automation Command

  • Error Handling Command

  • Excel Command

  • Excel Command – Contains Header

  • File and Folder Commands

  • FTP/ SFTP Command

  • IF/ ELSE Command

  • Image Recognition Command

  • Insert Keystrokes Command

  • Insert Mouse Click Command

  • Insert Mouse Move Command

  • Internet Connection Command

  • Queue Orchestration

  • Launch Website Command

  • Log-to-File Command

  • Loop Command

  • Manage Windows Controls Command

  • Message Box Command

  • Object Cloning Command

  • OCR Command

  • Open Program/ File Command

  • Pause Command

  • PDF Integration Command

  • PGP Command

  • Play Sound Command

  • Printer Settings Command

  • Prompt Command

  • Read from CSV/ Text Command

  • REST Web Service Command

  • Run Script Command

  • Run Task Command

  • Screen Capture Command

  • Send Email Command

  • Services Command

  • SNMP Command

  • Stop Task Command

  • String Operation Command

  • System Command

  • Terminal Emulator Command

  • Variable Operation Command

  • Web Recorder Command

  • SOAP Web Service Command

  • Windows Actions Command

  • XML Command

  • Using the Variable Manager

  • Using Variables

  • Knowing When to Use Variables

  • Passing a Variable between Running Tasks

  • Using Variables with IF-Else and LOOP Commands

  • Types of Variables

  • User-defined Variables

  • System Variables

  • Working with Variables

  • Assigning credential variables from credential lockers

  • Reinitializing Variables

  • Resetting System Variables

  • Assigning Variables in a Task

  • Reading Variables from an External File

  • Watching Variables

  • Using Variables to Create Timestamps for Your Files

  • Passing a Variable to a VB Script

  • How to use Array Variable in Loop Command

  • Using Array Type Variables

  • Excel System Variables

  • Creating a New Variable

  • Communicating with the Control Room

  • Uploading and Downloading Tasks to the Server

  • Comparing Files that Reside on the Client and Server

Automation Anywhere Training FAQs


RPA is creating new career opportunities and various challenges in the BPO/ IT domain. It can easily automate desktop processes and reduce repetitive tasks that enable the process from reviewing claim details to updating transaction systems. Our online training enhances knowledge in boosting productivity that enables full automation of end-to-end processes. The career opportunities are high for the Certified RPA individuals to face real-world challenges to double the income.

Anyone with basic programming knowledge can take up this course.

  • Fresher graduates
  • Working professionals
  • Business intelligence professional

There is a rapid increasing demand for RPA professionals with great salary packages. More than 4+ million jobs are available for the next upcoming years for the automation and robotics industry. Because of its code-free environment, any IT professional can easily learn it to step into the automation work environment. Freshers can also learn Automation Anywhere without any coding knowledge. 

  • IT/ Software Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • HR Professionals
  • BPO executives / Managers
  • Supply Chain Management Professional
  • Finance Professionals
  • Healthcare professional

We provide 100% job assistance to the Hachion students, once they complete the course. We also provide resume writing, mock interviews and resume marketing services as part of our job assistance program.  

We offer three modes of training in the Automation Anywhere online training program: Self Placed, Mentorship and Instructor-Led

The average salary for Automation Anywhere employees is $129,587 per year - indeed

Automation Anywhere provides its own certification which is free of cost. You just need to register at their Partners Portal page with your company’s email and can access the training and download their products.

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