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Course Description

Blockchain is the most cutting-edge technology the reinforces digital currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. Blockchain is similar to a digital ledger that has a distributed database to store any transaction data using the cryptographic techniques. The blockchain concept is decentralized, that allows fast and secure transactions without any third party. 

Blockchain is an evolving concept than the internet. The chasmic fusing of the internet and virtual economic change is a new window in the future field of Blockchain. Scope of tremendous Blockchain not only limited to the cryptocurrency and finance domain but extended its applications in forecasting, chain management, cybersecurity, network,  digital advertising, and IoT. 

Blockchain technology adds extra security to businesses over the internet. Candidates who are interested to learn Blockchain technology and want to apply in real life may take Blockchain course training at Hachion by the great professional specialists. Our online tutorial is well structured with up to date concepts.

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Course Content

  • What is Blockchain

  • Blockchain Technology Mechanisms & Networks

  • Blockchain Users And Adoption

  • Transactions And Blocks

  • P2P Systems

  • Hash Pointers And Data Structures

  • Blockchain Block Structure

  • The Bitcoin Mining Process

  • Bitcoin Wallets

  • Alternative Blockchains/ Altchains

  •  Introduction

  •  Interfacing with Ethereum Networks

  •  Ethereum Accounts

  •  Smart Contracts

  • Contract Structure

  • Function Declarations

  • Wei vs Ether

  • Mnemonic Phrases

  • Getting More Ether

  •  Solidity - Language of Smart Contracts

  •  Installing Solidity & Ethereum Wallet

  •  Basics of Solidity by Example: Subcoin Smart Contract

  •  The layout of a Solidity Source File & Structure of Smart Contracts

  •  General Value Types (Int, Real, String, Bytes, Arrays, Mapping, Enum, address)

  • Ether Units, Time Units

  •  Globally Available Variables & Functions

  •  Operators: Arithmetic, Logical & Bitwise Operators

  •  Control Structure (if-else, for, while, Do-While)

  •  Scoping and Declarations

  •  Input Parameters and Output Parameters

  •  Function Calls & Return Types

  • Boilerplate Requirements

  • Project File Walkthrough

  • Syntax Highlighters

  • Compiling Solidity

  • The Compile Script

  • Testing Architecture

  • The Lottery Contract

  • Lottery Design

  • Basic Solidity Types

  • Starting the Lottery Contract

  • The Message Global Variable

  • Overview of Mappings and Structs/li>

  • Big Solidity Gotcha

  • Entering the Lottery

  •  Test Project Updates

  •  Test Helper Review

  •  Asserting Deployment

  • Entering the Lottery

  •  Asserting Multiple Players

  •  Try-Catch Assertion

  • Application Overview

  •  Getting Started with Create-React-App

  • Multiple Web3 Instances

  • Web3 Setup

  • Solving Real Problems with Contracts

  • Fixing Kickstarter's Issues

  • Campaign Contract Design

  • Campaign Constructor

  • Contributing to the Campaign

  • The Request Struct

  • Project Setup

  • Directory Structure

  • Accessing Mappings

  • Testing Warmup

  • Requiring Minimum Contributions

  • Array Getters

  • Hyperledger Fabric & Composer Concepts

  • Hyperledger Fabric: A DLT for Business Applications

  • Hyperledger Fabric: DLT for Business

  • Assets, Chaincode& Ledger

  • Linux/Ubuntu & AWS: Setup of Fabric Development on Local & Cloud VM

  • Mac OS: Setup of Fabric Development Environment

  • Windows: Fabric development environment setup

BlockChain Training FAQs

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Blockchain technology enables records of monetary transactions called “blocks” that to be transferred across many systems, which cannot be altered retroactively without altering the subsequent blocks. They are typically managed by a peer-to-peer network that decides by consensus to alter a block, making blockchains secure by design. Candidates who interested in cryptocurrencies, blockchains are important to learn about due to their role in solving the need for a trusted authority or central server to manage flaws in digital cash transactions.
Blockchain opens up opportunities for roles such as Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Project Manager, , Blockchain Solution Architect, Blockchain UX Designer, Blockchain Legal Consultant, Blockchain Quality Engineer, and more that are related.
Hachion's Blockchain online training program covers from basic to advanced concepts of Blockchain technology. Our course curriculum is well designed by certified and experienced industry professionals in the Cloud Computing industry. We provide 100% job assistance with certification guidance.
  • Anyone who wants to know more about it
  • Anyone interested to get started working in Blockchain technology environment
We provide 100% job assistance to the Hachion students, once they complete the course. We also provide resume writing, mock interviews, and resume marketing services as part of our job assistance program.
Hachion online training program offers three modes of training: Self Placed, Mentorship, and Instructor-Led

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