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Mar 26 2020 Thursday 08:30 PM EDT Live Demo Free
Mar 27 2020 Friday 09:30 PM EDT Live Demo Free
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Course Description

Hachion’s  RPA Blue Prism Training Program is exclusively designed for beginners and professionals who are willing to learn Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence and wish to break through their careers into the RPA world. Blue Prism or RPA requires basic programming knowledge. So, beginners can learn the RPA Blue prism technology tools very easily. 

At Hachion, students who undergo Blue Prism online training will get complete hands-on exposure to this powerful RPA tool. Advanced Blue Prism Training at Hachion that delivers the right knowledge and skill to meet the demand for Blue Prism’s digital workforce. No-code intelligent automation, Robotic operating model, Blue prism digital exchange and other features of RPA Blue prism technology with advanced concepts are included in the tutorial to give in-depth knowledge to become an RPA developer.

Course Content

  • Challenges with existing automation

  • Rise of Robotic Process Automation

  • What, Why and When RPA

  • Industry use cases (BFSI, Shared Services, Healthcare etc..)

  • Intro to Blue Prism

  • Setting up and getting started with Blue Prism

  • Pre-requisites

  • Blue Prism Architecture, deployment model and components

  • Blue Prism operating model

  • Application Types –Windows,Main Frame, Java and Browser Based Applications

  • Running a process

  • Dashboard and analytics

  • Process Studio overview

  • Data items (Number, string, Collection)

  • Decisions, Calculations and Choice

  • Collections, Circular paths and Loops

  • Layers of controlling

  • Pages for Organization

  • Assignment

  • Object studio and Process studio,

  • Differences action Stages

  • Application Modeler – Accessibility Mode, Win32 mode, HTML & SAP Mode

  • Spying Elements

  • Attributes

  • BO stages

  • Attach and Detach

  • Action inputs and outputs

  • Data items as Inputs

  • Assignment

  • Introduction to VBO

  • File Management

  • Collection

  • Utility

  • XML

  • Database

  • Assignment

  • Inputs, Output and Startup Parameters

  • Data item Visibility

  • Data types

  • Control Room

  • Process Outputs

  • Assignment

  • Read Date

  • Write Data

  • Merge to Excel

  • Net excel file create

  • Data matching

  • Assignment

  • Receive Email

  • Send Email

  • Download Attachment

  • Assignment

  • Recover and Resume

  • Throwing Exceptions

  • Preserving the Current Exceptions

  • Exception Bubbling & Exception Blocks

  • Exceptional Handling in Practice

  • Assignment

  • Debug process & VBO

  • Step in, over and out

  • Debug complex process

  • Assignment

  • Queue Items

  • Work Queue Configuration

  • Defer

  • Attempts

  • Pause and Resume

  • Filters

  • Reports

  • Assignment

  • Safe Stop

  • Collection Actions

  • Choice Stage

  • Log Viewer

  • System Manager

  • Process / Business Object grouping

  • Process and Object references

  • Export and Import

  • Packages and Releases

  • Assignment

  • Introduction to Surface Automation

  • Training Application and Object Model

  • Interacting with Application Elements (Text boxes, Combo boxes, buttons etc.)

  • Tabulated Data

  • Sending Key events and Special keys

  • Assignment

  • Overview to VB.Net/C#

  • Visual Studio overview

  • Write small codes using VB.Net

  • Assignment

  • Building own business object

  • Creating one VBO and consuming in Object and Process Studio

  • Assignment

  • Overview and setup

  • Login agent in Production

  • Setting up Blue Prism run time resource

  • Assignment

  • Use of Environment Variables

  • Publish process

  • Run process from Control Room

  • Package and release management

  • Scheduling of processes

  • Security management (User and role)

  • Assignment

  • Database configuration

  • Query execution

  • Record insertion

  • Store procedure execution

  • Input / output

  • Assignment

  • Web Service configuration

  • SOAP consumption

  • REST service consumption

  • Assignment

  • Introduction to OCR

  • Image automation using OCR

  • Invoice automation using OCR

  • Assignment

  • Introduction to Cognitive RPA

  • Introduction to IBM Watson

  • Setting up Blue Prism intelligent services environment

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Natural Language Understanding

  • Text, Sentimental, Emotion, Classification, Context Analysis

  • Language classification, identification and translation

  • Computer vision

  • Assignment

  • Process selection Framework – Discovery Phase

  • Process effort Estimation

  • RPA Project Estimation

  • RPA Tool selection

  • BOT size calculation and ROI calculation

  • Walkthrough of PDD and SDD Documents

Blue Prism Training FAQs

Anyone who is looking to empower their career by learning RPA Training can consider Blue Prism Training. There is incredible scope for every IT professional to look in the newly growing field. -Business Process Employees -Programmers who are into other programming --language development -Testers -Business Analysts -Project Managers -Architects -Administrators -Job Seekers
We Provide a 100% Placement Assistance Who completed Course with us.
We offer three modes of Training in Tableau Online Training Program. -Self Placed -Mentorship -Instructor-Led
1) Lower Costs : On using the blue prism to automating the tasks, you can save a lot of cost and improvement in the Overall Productivity. Robots are a way cheaper than humans. 2) Customer experience: Deploying the Blue Prism would help you to fuel the Customer Engagement. 3) Lower operational risk: Bots can help you to eliminate the human errors and mistakes, thereby giving the 100% productivity 4) Improved internal processes: Blue Prism allows an faster internal reporting, onboarding that speed up the Internal processes 5) Leveraging Bots and Humans : Bots Would not entirely replace the humans, it coordinates with the humans for the better and productive experience to people.
-Code-Free Blue Prism do not need any coding or programming skills. We can automate the business operations with a detailed process on Blue Prism.Blue Prism provide a flowchart where business process definitions are created visually by dragging, dropping, and using icons that represent the whole procedure -Non-Disruptive Blue Prism would help to avoid the complexity in the system.Blue Prism implementation would allow the software robot access the end user system in exactly the same manner as a human does. In Blue Prism based implementation, data integrity and security access control are Forced as that the existing standards would work without any disruption in the nature and also maintaining the functionality and protections. -Business User-Friendly As the RPA do not need people with technology skillset people and investment in new technology, there is a space on huge savings on the money.
Blue prism is keeping the high standards on the Blue Prism Certification exam as it covers both the Concepts and hands on experience Questions. -Exam would be in Multiple Choice Answers format, you need to complete the exam in 60 minutes -People who prefer the foreign languages would be given additional time of 30 minutes. -70% is the Criteria to pass the blue prism certification exam. -Blue Prism Certification would cost around 65$
Blue prism portal account should be created for attempting the Certification Exam. Blue prism certification registration is done through Pearson VUE web account that needs a valid Blue prism portal account. After the creation valid Pearson VUE web account, you can proceed for Blue prism certification registration procedure. The Scope of Blue Prism Developer Certification Exam Blue prism has designed the certification outline to focus on the following areas. -Exception Handling Guide -Work Queues Guide -Developer Best Practice -Lifecycle Orientation -Object Layer Design
Blue Prism do not Provide any certification dumps and you should get the assistance for some of the best rpa training POrtals.We Cover all the Important Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers, which has been utilized by many people to get certified. Blue prism goes under rigorous churning to give the certification tough, it is always advisable to get the proper exposure on the domain and tips from the institute like us to crack on the first attempt.

Download interview FAQs for Blue Prism

Blue Prism Certificate

After completion of the RPA Blue Prism online training program, candidates will get a course completion certificate.

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