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Course Description

Pega is a cloud development software for business process management and customer relationship management applications. Pega rules process commander provides the platform and interfaces to business analysts, system analysts, and developers to quickly design and builds web applications to meet their organization's goals and step into digital transformation on a global scale. 

The main use of PEGA technology is to reduce costs and improve efficiency in business growth. Pega software enables developers for automation work with less program code. The future scope of the Pega tool is endless and enormous because of its active way, adaptability, and extensible features.

Hachion Pega online training by experienced faculty to provide in-depth knowledge. Our  Pega tutorial blends PRPC concepts, assignments, and real-time projects which helps to implement UI design, business logic, and real-world BPM solutions. Aware of BPM and CRM is an added advantage to learn Pega easily. By the end of the course, one can easily appear for Pega certifications to get jobs like system architect, business analyst, etc.

Course Schedule

Enroll Cost in USD Trainer Date Mode Week Timings Duration Pattern
Free Hari Oct 23 2020 Live Demo Friday 09:30 PM EDT 1 Hour
Free Hari Oct 25 2020 Live Demo Sunday 11:30 AM EDT 1 Hour
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Course Content

  • Introduction to BPM

  • Introduction to PRPC

  • Smart BPM

  • Build for change

  • Application documents

  • DCO

  • Application express

  • PRPC frameworks

  • Class structure in PRPC

  • ECS

  • Inheritance

  • Class groups

  • Define PRPC classes
  • Data branch
  • Property types and modes – single and page properties
  • Flow & Flow Actions, SLA
  • Different flow shapes and their purpose
  • Usage
  • Creation
  • Flow actions
  • SLA – creation, usage
  • Properties display and validation

  • Layouts

  • Harness

  • Sections

  • Style Branding

  • Decision Rules

  • Creation of different decision rules, usage inflows and activities.

  • Forward chaining

  • RDE

  • Declare constraints

  • Declare triggers

  • OnChange

  • Case Management

  • Workflow

  • Units of work

  • Work status

  • Locking

  • Design correspondence

  • Send correspondence

  • Role of PegaRules DB

  • Link between rules and DB

  • Basic tables

  • Exposing column properties

  • Definition
  • Configuration

  • Steps

  • Parameters

  • Security

  • Common methods

  • SOA

  • HTTP

  • SOAP

  • WSDL

  • Connectors & Services

  • Listeners

  • Connect SQL

  • Rule

  • Ruleset

  • Ruleset version

  • Rule resolution algorithm

  • Operator ID

  • Access group

  • Access role

  • Privilege

  • Clipboard

  • Alerts

  • Pre-flight

  • PAL

  • DB trace

  • Tracer

  • SMA

  • 10 guardrails

  • Iterative approach

  • Class structure

  • Build for change

  • Design intent driven  process

  • Security and object

  • Clipboard

  • Tracer

  • UI Inspector

  • Log file

  • Product Creation

  • Product patch

  • Package

  • Skimming

  • Import/export the product

  • Connectors

  • Services

  • Customization of login page

  • Internal Authentication ,External Authentication

  • LDAP configuration

Pega Training FAQs

Download pdf

Hachion's Pega online training program covers from basic to advanced concepts of Pega. Our course curriculum is designed by industry experts in the Cloud Computing industry. We provide 100% job assistance with certification guidance.

We provide 100% job assistance to the Hachion students, once they complete the course. We also provide resume writing, mock interviews, and resume marketing services as part of our job assistance program. 

 Hachion online training program offers three modes of training: Self Placed, Mentorship, and Instructor-Led

  • Knowledge of the business processes, best practices, and policies in use at the company.
  • Basic application development knowledge.
  • Familiarity with one or more project methodologies, such as Scrum, RUP, or Waterfall

This Pega training is ideal for individuals who are interested in data integration. The training is the best fit for the following job roles: System Administrator, IT Professionals Programmers, Job Seekers, or Freshers.

The Pega online training allows you to get a master's in managing and controlling business with Pega for which you are provided with certification for placement in the future.

Many jobs are available after Pega online course with a certificate. There is a high demand for Pega Developers and Pega certified professionals.

The national average salary for a Pega Developer is $72,632 in the United States.

Pega Sample Resume


After completion of the PEGA online training program, candidates will get a course completion certificate

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  • Live interactive online training(Instructor based)
  • Daily recorded videos
  • Exercises & project Work
  • Resume preparation assistance
  • Interview assistance
  • Resume marketing after completion of the training
  • Certification assistance
  • Course completion certificate
 Mentoring mode training N/A  
  • Trainer support will be provided in your flexible timings
  • Access for all the recorded videos before the training
  • No Time limit to complete the training
  • Exercises & project Work
  • Resume preparation assistance
  • Interview assistance
  • Resume marketing after completion of the training
  • Certification assistance
 Self-paced training N/A  
  • Access for all the recorded videos before the training
  • No Time limit to complete the training
  • Exerciese & Project Work
  • Certification Assistance
  • Resume Preparation Assistance
  • Resume Marketing After completion of the training
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