Course Description

UIPath is a Robotics Process Automation software tool is used for automation of repetitive tasks without human interference. UI path RPA is a solution for repeated and rule-based processes in business data analysis, web and desktop applications. The scope of UIpath RPA technology is increasing rapidly with the growth in the digital market world, RPA has many applications in IT, Business, medicine, research and development, Banking sectors, etc. 

Hachion’s RPA UIpath course delivers in-depth knowledge from scratch by professional specialists. Aspirants who want to start their career in robotics technology, the UIPath course will help with the best content with the updated concepts. The best methodologies provided in the course will enhance your practical and theoretical skills Robotics Process Automation domain. 

Course Fee : 320 USD

RPA UI Path Learners from Hachion:
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Live online training

USD 320

Training Fee: USD 400 20% Discount

  • Live interactive online training
  • Daily Assignments and Lab exercises
  • Resume and certification guidance
  • Mock interview and live project assistance
  • Resume marketing and job assistance
Mentoring mode training
  • Live interactive online training
  • Daily Assignments and Lab exercises
  • Resume and certification guidance
  • Mock interview and live project assistance
  • Resume marketing and job assistance
Live online training and internship
  • Live interactive online training
  • Daily Assignments and Lab exercises
  • Resume and certification guidance
  • Mock interview and live project assistance
  • Resume marketing and job assistance

Course Content

  • What is RPA?
  • Google trend report on RPA and Openspan, Pega robotics
  • What is the scope of this RPA course?
  • Why do we need RPA?
  • Will RPA cut jobs?
  • Is RPA a Hype or is it Real?
  • Where does Pega robotics stand (Compared to other competitors)?
  • Google trend report on Competitors and comparison
  • Job Openings Across Different Online Portals
  • Salary report from Indeed & Payscale
  • RPA vs AI
  • A walkthrough on the course content
  • Master the UIPath User Interface
  •  Understanding Ribbon in UIPath
  •  Understanding Quick Access Toolbar
  •  Understanding Universal Search Bar
  •  Understanding Designer Panel
  •  Understanding Outline Panel
  •  Understanding Activities Panel
  •  Understanding Library Panel
  •  Understanding Project Panel
  •  Understanding Properties Panel
  •  Understanding Output Panel
  • Types of Workflows
  •  Sequences
  •  Flowcharts
  •  Creating a Basic workflow
  •  Debugging a Workflow
  •  Managing Packages
  • Understand how to manage Variables
  •  Learn the Naming Best Practices
  • Working with Variables Panel
  •  Understand the Types of Variables
  •  Generic Value Variables
  •  Text Variables
  •  True or False Variables
  •  Number Variables
  •  Array Variables
  •  Date and Time Variables
  •  Data Table Variables
  •  Managing Arguments
  •  Creating Arguments
  •  Removing Arguments
  •  Naming Best Practices
  •  Using Arguments
  • Namespaces
  •  For Each Activity
  •  Importing New Namespaces
  •  About Control Flow
  •  Control Flow Activities
  •  Assign Activity
  •  Do While Activity
  •  Delay Activity
  •  If Activity
  •  Switch Activity
  •  While Activity
  •  For Each Activity
  •  Break Activity
  • Recording Overview
  •  Recording Types
  •  Automatic Recording
  •  Automatically Generated Activities
  •  The Active UI Framework
  •  Example of Automatic Recording with Basic and Desktop
  •  Example of Automatic Recording with Web
  •  Manual Recording
  • Working with UI Elements
  •  UI Activities Properties
  •  Input Methods
  •  Example of Using Input Methods
  •  Output or Screen Scraping Methods
  •  Examples of Using Output or Screen Scraping Methods
  •  Generating Tables from Unstructured Data
  •  Relative Scraping
  • Real-time Examples
  •  Importance of Data Scraping
  •  Working with Data Scraping
  • UiPath Explorer
  •  Introduction to Selectors
  •  Selectors with Wildcards
  •  Full Selectors
  •  Partial Selectors
  • Creating activity using .net
  •  Exception Handling
  •  XML Configuration
  •  Transactions
  •  Linq Operations
  •  Collections
  •  Creating activity using .net
  • File Handling Overview
  •  Handling Excel Formats
  • Working with Database Operations
  • Working with various PDF operations
  • Working with Emails
  • Capturing the Requirements
  •  Requirement Gathering Documents
  •  Design and other best practices
  •  Estimating the Effort
  • About Orchestrator
  •  Add Robots
  •  Create Process
  •  Queues
  •  Schedules
  •  Jobs
  •  Logs

RPA UI Path Training FAQs

The complete hachion Robotic Process Automation training with UiPath has been designed by industry experts to help you gain hands-on experience in RPA. You will work on a detailed RPA design process and learn important components of RPA, various aspects of capturing and interpreting application, user interface automation, screen scraping, error handling, and more through industry-designed projects.

We offer three modes of training in the RPA UI Path online course training program.

  • Self Placed
  • Mentorship 
  • Instructor-Led
hachion is offering the 24/7 query resolution and you can raise a ticket with the dedicated support team anytime. You can avail of the email support for all your queries. In the event of your query not getting resolved through email we can also arrange one-to-one sessions with the trainers. You would be glad to know that you can contact hachion support even after the completion of the training. We also do not put a limit on the number of tickets you can raise when it comes to query resolution and doubt clearance.
hachion is offering you the most updated, relevant, and high-value real-world projects as part of the training program. This way you can implement the learning that you have acquired in real-world industry setup. All training comes with multiple projects that thoroughly test your skills, learning, and practical knowledge thus making you completely industry-ready. You will work on highly exciting projects in the domains of high technology, e-commerce, marketing, sales, networking, banking, insurance, etc. Upon successful completion of the projects, your skills will be considered equal to six months of rigorous industry experience.
We provide 100% job assistance to the Hachion students, once they complete the course. We also provide resume writing, mock interviews, and resume marketing services as part of our job assistance program.
This RPA UI Path course is keeping the high standards on the RPA UI Path certification exam as it covers both the concepts and hands-on experience. Exam format -The questions would be in Multiple Choice Answers format, you need to complete the exam in 60 minutes People who prefer foreign languages would be given an additional time of 30 minutes. 70% is the criteria to pass the blue prism certification exam. RPA UI Path Certification would cost around 65$
RPA UI Path portal account should be created for attempting the certification exam. RPA UI Path certification registration is done through a Pearson VUE web account that needs a valid RPA UI Path portal account. After the creation of a valid Pearson VUE web account, you can proceed for the RPA UI Path certification registration procedure. The scope of the RPA UI Path Developer Certification exam includes many core topics and this course has designed with the certification outline to focus on the following areas. Exception Handling Guide Work Queues Guide Developer Best Practice Lifecycle Orientation Object Layer Design
Apparently, No. Our Job Assistance program is aimed at helping you land in your dream job. It offers a potential opportunity for you to explore various competitive openings in the corporate world and assists you in finding a well-paid job, matching your profile. The final decision on your hiring will always be based on your performance in the interview and the requirements of the recruiter.

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