About Us

About Us

Hachion is an organization that has been set up with the purpose of bridging the gap between graduates and corporate. In terms of entry or multi level seniority the industry has been transforming very quickly. Traditional and conventional hiring practices are becoming obsolete in the dynamic economic conditions globally. Corporate have been benefiting from our Just-In-Time skilled resource pool which can be deployed and be market ready in just a few days than the campus pool being hired in the conventional method. Our content and delivery methodology adopt the best practices followed by the industry which focuses on equipping students with the necessary skills to succeed.

Our placement services focus on providing extensive end-to- end services as per the customized requirement of our clients enabling them to get the right candidates by helping them to save the time and resources. Identifying and sourcing candidates from our extensive network of clients and candidates who are engaged in similar business related to our clients as well as usage of various platforms enable us to find the right candidates at a quicker time frame along with the right fit to the requisite profile. We believe that the key to effective service is to truly understand from the client requirements, operations and their philosophies by engaging them as partners.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to synergize the “right talent” with the “right requirement” and to see that quality manpower is constructively and appropriately channelized. To help talented and specialized individuals in building their own career and to ensure our clients find employees according to their specific requirements is a constant driving force in line with our vision. As a part of our mission we are aligned with various institutions from various regions aided by our expansive network to fetch formerly unexposed talents and avail them to our reputed clients.

Our Story


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What We Do?

We provide a wide range of online courses to both large organizations and individual learners. Over 100+ online courses are available on our intuitive and interactive platform www.hachion.com. Some of the most popular courses are QA Testing, AWS, DevOps, Tableau, PowerBI, Business Analyst, Salesforce and Hadoop.

Our Real-time experts with over 10 years of experience in IT are ready to take you to the next level and increase your career opportunities. We are extremely passionate and committed to what we do. It shows in our interactions which are consistent with valuable information, designed strategically to be acquired with ease.

Why to Choose Us?

Hachion offers you an opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere with the help of instructor-led online training programs. The programs are designed to ensure success with the help of practical classes and easy to understand course content.

Our instructors are renowned industry experts with vast experience. They consistently create valuable content and deliver training in innovative ways to ensure that you can make a difference at your job and become indispensable to the organization.

After the course creation we assist our participants in creating CV with interview process until they placed in the venture successfully. We take great efforts to ensure that learners get jobs that are a perfect for their skills and will help them in advance.

Our achievement lies in the positive feedback we receive from our participants. A glimpse at our testimonials will help you understand what a marvelous learning experience you will have with Hachion.

We provide 24/7 support through online chat as well as on the specified phone line to ensure all our participants queries to be answered on time, enabling you to learn and perform with an increased efficiency.