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Why should i learn Tableau

  • Sandeep P
Why should i learn Tableau

What is Tableau?

The technology sector is one of the most competitive sectors worldwide characterized by its progress and growth in the development of new applications. In a rapidly changing environment, it is necessary to stay up to date with the most relevant technology and applications. One such application is Tableau, one of the most used BI tools. Tableau is a data visualization tool that allows its users to visually process information. It offers control and ease of access to an organization’s data in an intuitive manner, allowing users to perform analysis using interactive dashboards. This helps in generating additional value from data collected by IT systems. .

Tableau offers the following installation modes:

• Tableau Server: Whereby you install Tableau on a server and access data remotely

• Tableau Desktop: Local installation – a more comfortable environment for when you need to develop more complicated graphics.

• Tableau Online: A cloud-based option that is hosted in the Tableau data center.

Why should i learn Tableau :